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2017-2018 RAYHA- Initial Registration Session


Welcome to the 2017-2018 RAYHA INITIAL REGISTRATION

In order to proceed and complete the registration process you must first register each player with USA HOCKEY as a player.  A link to the USA Hockey registration is provided below.  You will need the USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Number to start your RAYHA registration.

Read on below for an overview of the changes to this year's registration.  Click “Next” at the bottom of this page to get started.

Each individual player must be registered with USA HOCKEY prior to completing the 2017-18 RAYHA registration. Click below to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT or SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number for the 2017-2018 season.  You will be required to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code as part of each player's registration; registration cannot proceed without this.  

Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance for the 2017-2018 season registration fees, contact the RAYHA Treasurer below PRIOR to completing registration to determine eligibility and options.

Goalie Discount

If you are playing goalie AND providing your own equipment you are eligible for a goalie equipment reimbursement of $300 for the 2017-18 season.  If you are using RAYHA supplied goalie gear you are not eligible for this reimbursement.  

NOTE:  The  GOALIE discount WILL NOT be applied to the INITIAL REGISTRATION.  A code will be provided to all goalies to use during their SECOND REGISTRATION.

*This discount will be available to all goalies 10U (Squirt)/Girls U10 and above. 

Andrew Knutson

RAYHA Treasurer

New USA HOCKEY Age Classifications

USA Hockey has updated the boys age classifications titles for the 2017-18 season.  Please see below for more details.  See detail descriptions below or click HERE for additional details.

2016-17 Age Classification NEW 2017-18 Age Classification
Mite 8U
Squirt 10U
Pee Wee 12U
Bantam 14U
Midget/Junior Gold 16U
Midget/Junior Gold 19U


This season the registration system will only offer you a set of hockey age levels to choose from based on your player's birthdate.  You will also be asked if you intend to "play up" a level.  If you indicate you intend to play up, you will be presented with the next age level on the Payment Options page.  

If you want to change your mind about playing up, click on the Player Information page link in the left navigation menu.  On this page you can change your response to the Play up question to "does not intend to play up" and after navigating through the pages to the Payment Options page you will see the younger, age appropriate level item in your basket and may proceed to checkout or register another player.

Pay attention to the text that pops up when you select your age level for this season.  This reminds you that when playing up, you must make a request to the board for approval. Contact the the youth or girls director with the details of your request (see board members on the Board page on the top menu of the RAYHA website). The board must approve your play up prior to tryouts. the board will communicate the decision and if necessary update your registration and fees to reflect the outcome of your request.  

If you entered the incorrect birthdate at USA Hockey or you edit your player’s birthdate after entering your USA Hockey Confirmation Number, you may be asked to change your registration and pay any additional fees required for your age appropriate level as we discover the discrepancy when we submit rosters for approval with the district and Minnesota Hockey.  

If you have any questions or problems with your age level or playing up, contact Player Registration Support below.



To be officially rostered with a team, USA Hockey requires age and citizenship verification to determine eligibility.  If you have registered with USA Hockey and have been rostered on a team in past seasons you will most likely have no action.  However, sometimes experienced players who have been rostered may need to be re-verified. 

If you are asked to provide a COPY of your player’s state certified Birth Certificate or US Passport, please do so ASAP.  Any delay may prevent your child from being on the ice with their team until the verification can be completed. 

Look for information from Team Managers or the Registrar for options to provide this documentation to the District official responsible for verifying player eligibility.  We are working to provide more options for members to fulfill this requirement this season.



Mite 4, Squirt/10U, Peewee/12U, Bantam, and 15U teams received a new set of jerseys last season.  Jersey care, maintenance, and replacement are now the player's and family's responsibility. You can indicate your need for a new set in the registration session.    

Tom Molloy will manage the orders this season.  You can review the "Jersey Info" page under the Registration menu at the top of the RAYHA website.  This page will provide a list available numbers for each age level. You will want to pick you top five (5) number choices.  Tom will assign numbers on first come basis.  To ensure proper sizing, you may visit Strauss to try on sample jerseys or contact another player/family for sizing recommendations.  

If you change your mind, mistakenly skip the jersey questions, or have questions about the process, contact Tom Molloy, RAYHA Equipment Director (contact information at the bottom of this page and under the Board menu on the RAYHA website).


​Each player's parents/family is required to volunteer 10 hours of their time (per player) to help run RAYHA, District, or other Minnesota Hockey events and activities.  Volunteer opportunities will be published on our website, e-mailed from RAYHA, and communicated through team managers, coaches, and the RAYHA Volunteer Coordinator, Chelsey Rosenthal.  Remember to pick up and track your volunteer hours in the DIBS system.

Volunteers are critical to keeping costs down and making our association and teams run.  However, if your time is tight, you may choose to buy out of this commitment during the registration check out process.  The cost is $125 per player, with a $375 family maximum.  Please refer to our RAYHA handbook for details on volunteer commitments, noting that some team specific service (box and clock, for example) do not count toward your 10 hours.

If you failed to pay for unmet volunteer hours from the 2016-2017 season, you will be notified for payment as part of the second registration after tryouts.



Be sure to review your order prior to submitting payment.  Payments through NGIN's secure site can be made using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.  If paying with your checking account you will need your driver's license, so please have that handy.  Information about the installment plan is provided prior to checkout.


Look for communication from RAYHA and check back to our website for information on warm up ice, tryouts, volunteer opportunities, and other events and activities.  Thanks for your support and have a great season!

2017-2018 Registration Fees Summary

The table below shows the total fees for hockey for each age level in RAYHA this season.  ALL PLAYERS will need to complete the INITIAL REGISTRATION (this session).  

ALL PLAYERS Mite 4 and above will be required to complete the SECOND REGISTRATION session which will be available after tryouts are completed.  

*Mite 1-3 and U8 Level players WILL NOT need to complete the SECOND REGISTRATION.  

Team 2017-2018 Fee INITIALRegistration Fee (8/1-8/31) *SECOND Registration Fee (Date TBD)
Mite 1 (8U) $150 $150 NA
Mite 2 (8U) $150 $150 NA
Mite 3 (8U) $150 $150 NA
Mite 4 (8U) $400 $150 $250
Girls U8 $175 $175 NA
Squirt C (10U) $700 $150 $550
Squirt B (10U) $1,250 $150 $1,100
Squirt A (10U) $1,250 $150 $1,100
Girls 10UB $1,250 $150 $1,100
Girls 10UA $1,250 $150 $1,100
PeeWee C (12U) $750 $150 $600
PeeWee B (12U) $1,400 $150 $1,250
PeeWee A (12U) $1,400 $150 $1,250
Girls 12UB $1,400 $150 $1,250
Girls 12UA $1,400 $150 $1,250
Bantam C (14U) $800 $150 $650
Bantam B2 (14U) $1,400 $150 $1,250
Bantam B (14U) $1,500 $150 $1,350
Bantam A (14U) $1,600 $150 $1,450
Girls 15U A/B $1,100 $150 $950
Junior Gold (16U/19U) $750 $150 $600

*Scheduled payment options WILL BE available for all SECOND registrations


Please direct questions about your registration to Justin Brown and pass along your jerseys questions to Tom Molloy via e-mail below.

Player Registration Support

Tom Molloy

Jersey Inquiries